About Us

About Us

Providing excellence in dance teaching since 1987

Pirouette Academy of Dance offers children aged from 3 years and upwards the opportunity for first class training in Ballet, Tap, Modern, Acro, National, Street and Musical Theatre.

Younger children are introduced to ballet through nursery rhymes and stories – a fun and exciting training style where the children get to bring their cuddly toys to dance!

Children can begin dancing at any age and be any level when they start with us – we even hold an Adult Tap Class on Monday evenings for beginners and Wednesday evenings for those that have previous tap experience! We aren’t just for young ladies - we encourage boys to join and are delighted to have several boys already in each of our age groups.

Pirouette is an approved dance centre for ISTD offering DDE teaching qualifications.

Pirouette Academy of Dance’s best advert is our success! We have excellent examination results and our pupils have been awarded cash prizes at national competitions.

Children will progress though their grades at a pace that suits them. The skills pupils learn at Pirouette are not solely for the stage, children learn valuable lessons for life, promoting self-confidence, expression, self-reliance, physical strength, co-ordination and agility.

Founded in 1987 by Principal Jayne Wing, Pirouette Academy has produced many talented pupils who have gone on to careers in dance. Many past students are currently on the West End Stage, are seeing the world dancing on cruise liners, some are touring as dancers and in teaching careers. Many of our pupils are offered places at top performing arts colleges and schools including Birds College, Laines, London Studio and Northern Contemporary.

We produce a spectacular and colourful show every two years and pupils can also choose to perform in local dance competitions, gaining stage experience and confidence. Pupils have been selected to appear in many professional shows and have reached the finals of I.S.T.D. Ballet Awards and the Janet Cram Awards with many receiving prizes!

We look forward to welcoming you to Pirouette Academy of Dance – please call 07850084797 to arrange the best time to visit our school and have a look at our classes.

We’d like to be the school to help your children or yourself learn to love dance as much as we do!

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The Benefits of Dance

Why take your child to dance class? The Benefits of Dance

  • Learning Benefits- The brain works by electrical current thereby needing oxygen and water to function well. Movement (dance) helps to provide one of these two elements, oxygen. Another wonderful thing happens with movement. The brain produces a neuro-chemical called endorphins. This chemical causes a feeling of energy and makes the brain more conducive to learning.
  • Behavioral Benefits- Dance can help calm children that suffer with hyperactivity disorders as well as those that suffer from self destructive behaviors. The act of dance seems to help calm and focus these troubled young minds.
  • Physical Benefits- Dance will help develop muscles, tone the body, improve circulation, improve posture, balance, coordination and promote greater flexibility. Flexibility is often overlooked as a benefit but can really decrease the chances of injury especially in an active child. Dance helps keep the body conditioned and the mind focused which heightens ones ability to perform other physical activities.
  • Mental Benefits- Children who are involved in dance will excel in their academics and tend to be more creative. The art of dance helps teach a child to focus, creativity, and discipline, all in which are mandatory in any area of education.
  • Social Benefits- Dance improves sensitivity, understanding, appreciation, and consideration for others, both for their similarities and differences. Dance can broaden your child’s horizons by introducing them to other people and help them better relate later in life to those they may face and also in their future careers.
  • Esthetic Benefits- Dance awakens consciousness of beauty, lending new meaning to movement and form.
  • Emotional Benefits- Dance helps develop self-confidence and self-esteem in a stimulating environment.

“The advantage of the arts (music and dance) is that they link cognitive growth to social and emotional development. Students care more deeply about what they study, they see the links between subjects and their lives, their thinking capacities grow, they work more diligently, and they learn from each other.”

Source: Washington Post

  • Coordination Benefits- Increased hand-eye coordination and improved fine motor skills. Students who can perform complex rhythms can also make faster and more precise corrections in many academic and physical situations.

-Center for Timing, Coordination and Motor Skills.

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